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Create a Flip 3D Shortcut on your Desktop

Flip 3D Shortcut ,Desktop Hits:21

Increase Your SATA Hard Drive Performance

SATA Hard Drive Performance Hits:20

Turn the shadow effect text on/off in Vista

shadow effect text,Vista Hits:21

Check your hard disk for errors

hard disk for errors Hits:27

Disable the click sound in Windows Explorer

click sound, Windows Explorer Hits:20

Take Ownership of Vista System Files

Vista System Files Hits:18

Slow Down Windows Animation

Windows Animation Hits:17

Vista Clean Installation

Vista Clean Installation Hits:58

My Hard disk is not bootable

Make a Start Up disk using Windows by going to Control Panel. Hits:57

How to show the Run Command in the start menu?

Microsoft removed the Run command off of the Start Menu in Vista. To get this back, do the following below Hits:61

How to dynamically change Windows Vista desktop icon size?

dynamically change Windows Vista desktop icon size Hits:57

How to share files and folders in Windows Vista?

Share files and folders in Windows Vista Hits:43

How to map a drive in Windows Vista to a remote FTP server?

Map a drive in Windows Vista to a remote FTP server Hits:42

How to enable Windows Vista Remote desktop Connection?

To enable Remote Desktop access on Windows Vista. Hits:52

How can I access file shares on my Windows Vista computer without entering a password?

To allow access to shared folders on your Windows Vista machine from other computers without requiring a username and password, you will need to modify your network sharing settin... Hits:34

How to optimize or reset Internet Explorer 7 on Windows Vista?

optimize or reset Internet Explorer 7 on Windows Vista Hits:74

How Do I change my user picture in Windows Vista?

change my user picture in Windows Vista Hits:45

How to Enable Crtl+Alt+Del on Windows Vista Logon Screen?

Windows Vista does not require you to press Ctrl+Alt+Del to login to Windows. Hits:40

How to enable/disable clear type in Windows Vista?

ClearType is a technology used in Windows XP and Vista which smooths screen fonts to make them appear better on flat-screen monitors. Hits:96

How do I extend my Vista Activation Grace Period?

Editing some registry value will caused problem. Make sure you know what your doing Hits:39

Indexing Service causing constant disk activity and slows Vista to a crawl

Disabling Indexing Services will boost system performance. Hits:46

Vista not recognizing external USB hard drive. How do I fix this?

Three things I could think of to solve this Hits:56

How Do I disable the Indexing Service in Windows Vista?

Here are the steps to disabled the indexing services Hits:37

How Do I change the menu color of Windows Vista?

Change the menu color of Windows Vista Hits:35

What is a shadow Copy in Windows Vista?

The Shadow Copy feature is an amazing new recovery feature in Vista that is available in the Business, Ultimate and Enterprise editions. Hits:33

Can I control the amount of disk space system restore uses?

you control how much disk space to allocate to Vista for the restore points. Hits:45

System Restore fails with error 0x8007000E

This error usually occurs when there is only 512MB of RAM installed on a system heavily occupied with large data files. Hits:58

Does system restore work with FAT32 disks?

System Restore in Vista requires the NTFS file system in order to work. Hits:37

How much hard disk space is required for System Restore to work?

In order for System Restore to function on your hard disk, it needs at least 300 MB of free space for each drive that it is to function on. Hits:36

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