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Internal Error 2753 SnagItPl.exe

Error Message:
Internal Error 2753 SnagItPl.exe

While installing SnagIt 8.0, your computer may hang and display the above error. This error results if you install SnagIt 8.0.1, remove it, and then attempt to install SnagIt 8.0. The error likely results from a conflict of files between versions.

To resolve this issue, TechSmith, the maker of SnagIt, recommends installing SnagIt 8.0.1 or a later version. You can find the latest version of SnagIt at www.techsmith.com/download/trials.asp.

If, after installing the latest version of SnagIt, you still experience this error, uninstall all copies of SnagIt. After doing so, run the Windows Installer CleanUp Utility available from Microsoft at Microsoft Knowledge Base Article ID 290301. Finally, restart your computer and reinstall SnagIt. 

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