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Inkjet Ink Cartridges - How can I conserve them
 Use ink refill kits. Ink refill kits work like a charm if you're careful not to spill the ink. You can usually get about three times the ink for the same dollar amount compared to buying one name-brand cartridge.
 Print in Economy mode. If you print in Economy (or Draft) mode, you'll use much less ink. The quality will suffer a little, but if that isn't a concern, printing in Economy mode will also save you money.
 Remove high-resolution graphics. You can also save ink by removing unneeded graphics. For example, if you want to print a Web page that includes a large number of banners and other graphics, cut and paste your text into a word processor and print the text without the graphics.
 Print in gray scale. If you don't need color in your printout, print your document using gray scale. You can make black the default color for all your documents by setting this preference in your printer's utility software. This will reduce your overall ink usage; if it increases your use of black ink, you'll find that black ink cartridges cost less than color cartridges.
 Keep it well-oiled. Make sure you print on a regular basis. If you let your printer sit for extended periods of time, the ink heads can clog up and dry out. This might result in having to purchase new cartridges.
 Avoid repeated cleaning cycles. Some printers clean the cartridge by shooting ink out through the print heads. This helps loosen any ink that may be clogged in the print heads. The problem here is the amount of ink used each time you clean. You'll save a good deal of ink if you avoid repeating cleaning cycles.
 Power down the printer every time. Turn your printer off after using it to make sure the ink cartridge returns to its storage position. If the cartridge is in this position, the print heads are properly covered, preventing any ink from leaking into the printer.
 Use the Print Preview function. If you get in the habit of using Print Preview in your applications (assuming that it's available), you'll catch your mistakes before you actually print your document. This will save you ink and paper because you can correct any errors before having to print a second or third time.
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