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Remove AntiSpywareShield

What is AntiSpywareShield and removal instructions

AntiSpywareShield is a rogue spyware removal program. AntiSpywareShield must be downloaded and installed manually.

When you execute the program and perform a scan, AntiSpywareShield is likely to provide you with a false and greatly exaggerated report showing multiple non-existant threats.

When you try to dispose of those threats, AntiSpywareShield will try to intimidate you into paying for the full version, which is also a fake.

The existence of AntiSpywareShield on your system may be detrimental and it should therefore be deleted upon detection.

AntiSpywareShield manual removal:
Kill processes:
Delete registry values:
HKEY_USERS\[ALL USERS]\Software\AntiSpywareShield
Unregister DLLs:
AntiSpywareShield0.dll AntiSpywareShield1.dll AntiSpywareShield3.dll

Delete files:
AntiSpywareShield.lnk AntiSpywareShield.lnk AntiSpywareShield.exe AntiSpywareShield0.dll AntiSpywareShield1.dll AntiSpywareShield3.dll AntiSpywareShield.lic AntiSpywareShield0.ad AntiSpywareShield1.ad Uninstall.lnk

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