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Remove AntiLamer Trojan

What is AntiLamer Trojan and removal instructions
This multifunctional parasite is tremendously dangerous for everyone, who has no reliable security installed on his or her computer. AntiLamer Trojan is a backdoor trojan with an inbuilt ability of killing antiviral systems. After the user's antivirus is disabled, this pest tries to connect the remote server and give the control over infected PC to the hacker. In case of success, the hacker gets an ability of performing unlimited number of destructive actions, such as stealing user's passwords, uploading other parasites, changing system settings, etc.

AntiLamer Trojan manual removal:
Kill processes:
alb.exe, edtsrv.exe, server.exe, winregse.exe
Delete files:
alb.exe, edtsrv.exe, server.exe, winregse.exe

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