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How to Delete Empty Registry Keys?

Do you know what empty registry keys are?

Empty registry keys are also called registry holes. They can increase the size of the registry, but they have no value in the registry. This uncontrolled growth of the registry may cause severe damage by corrupting and fragmenting registry files.

Do you know how the empty registry keys are caused?

One of the most important reasons is that when you uninstall various software and applications from your computer, there are placeholders left behind. And when you remove unwanted keys from the registry by a tool, it may just remove the malicious or unwanted values but can not remove the entire keys.

Do you know what influence the empty registry key can make?

An empty registry key can cause havoc to your computer. In other words, a malfunctioning registry can cause many kinds of errors, such as: system errors, fatal errors, blue screen, etc.

Do you know how to remove empty registry keys and fix registry errors?

It is a default that Windows has a Registry Editor that you can open by running the "Regedit" command. When open the Registry Editor, you can see a Windows Explorer-like folder structure. You can browse through the Registry tree and search for the registry keys which are unwanted and empty, and then delete them manually. However, manual deletion is not safe for computer, or may damage the registry even a small mistake.

So, if you want to delete the empty registry in a safe way, you'd better choose a registry cleaner to repair your registry in a professional way.

Do you know Registry Winner software?

Registry Winner is top-ranking error-resolution software which can delete the empty registry keys effectively. It will fix the computer errors and optimize the system speed. After many users using it, it is proved that this software is impressive to fix any registry error and optimize the computerí»s performance.

First, before you delete and fix any error, the software can create backups of the registry automatically.

Second, you can easily scan your computer and remove the invalid DLL entries, delete the invalid COM/Active entries, uninstall invalid entries left behind from the registry.

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