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How to Recover Your Internet Explorer?
The computer's IE is often attacked by malicious sites or software frequently. This troublesome action can disable IE and cause a large number of IE errors.

Because computer viruses are aplenty, when you use anti-viruses software do manage to contain them most of the time, some may make some irreversible changes to your computer, especially in the registry which maybe difficult to correct.

In such a case, maybe Internet Explorer (IE) can become corrupted, so it no longer works. This usually means that you have to reinstall IE, or worse reinstall Microsoft Windows from scratch (Since it is an integrated part of the operating system). Before exploring these extreme measures, use Registry Winner to possibly solve whatever issues IE has.

Registry Winner - IE Recover

How to do

  1. Open Registry Winner.
  2. Click on IE Tools, and then click on IE Recover.
  3. Select an object or multiple objects or all the objects in the listed body frame.
  4. Click the Restore button.
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