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What is pifsvc.exe?

Note: Be sure to always double check your spelling if you are concerned about spyware, as often spyware will use a very similar spelling of system processes or other common tasks.

Description: PIFSvc.exe is a program which could have been installed by you, or may have even arrived on your computer the day you purchased it as this may have been preinstalled software. The actual disk location is also listed below, always verify where its located on your hard drive, as this makes sure it is not spyware or adware simply placed elsewhere on your computer, and using the same name in an attempt to fool you. This program is part of Symantec software and Symantec anti-virus anti-spyware package. This is called thier "Liveupdate" software for notifying. If you have their anti-virus software installed, then you may see this in your tasklist and in your computer startup.

Common Path(s): C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec
Is it spyware? No.
Is it adware or popup related? No.
Is it a virus or trojan? No.
Would you recommend to remove it? No, I would not remove this file.


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