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How to Exit a "Frozen" Windows Program?

When a program "freezes", you can't work in it or exit it. The menus and toolbar buttons don't respond. You're trapped! But not if you follow these instructions, which work for Windows 95/98.

1. Use the keyboard command Control+Alt+Delete, pressing the keys simultaneously. A box labeled Close Programs appears.

2. Scroll through the list of open programs until you come to the one that has frozen.

3. Select the frozen program.

4. Click on End Task.

5. A message will appear saying, 'Program is not responding. End task?' Click on End Task. The program  will shut down, and you'll be able to reopen it in the usual way. 
Tips & Warnings
1. Using the keyboard command Control-Alt-Delete twice in a row will shut down the computer.

2. If your programs keep freezing, restart the computer.

3. When a program freezes, any unsaved material will be lost. Some software applications may allow you to recover some material lost in a crash, but total recovery may not be possible.


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