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Firefox User Profile Problem


Every 10-12 weeks a "Firefox-Choose User Profile" Box Appears. It gives me 3 choices: (1) Create Profile (2) Rename Profile (3) Delete Profile. It seems like no matter which one I choose I am unable to start my Browser. When I type in my name another box appears saying "Firefox cannot use the profile (my name) because it is in use. Please choose another profile or create a new one." I keep typing in all sorts of variations of my name and finally I must hit on one that works because all of a sudden I can start my Browser. But...all of my 41 Bookmarks are gone!


The problem is due to a firefox.exe process that continues to run on your system. The solution is to end the process, then restart Firefox, here's how:

1. With all windows closed, press CTRL + ALT + DELETE on your keyboard.

2. In the Windows Task Manager window, select the Processes tab.

3. Click on the entry titled firefox.exe (it should now be highlighted.

4. Click the End Process button.

5. Select Yes at the resulting warning window.

6. Restart Firefox.

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