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How to Completely Backup and Restore the Entire Firefox Profile?

To Backup

1. First download MozBackup and install it. Make sure that your Firefox is not running at that time.

2. After its done, Go to Start -> All Programs -> MozBackup -> MozBackup.exe

3. Click on next and you will see that it automatically searches for and detects the installed browsers on your computer and shows them separately in each line.

4. Choose the browser for which you want to take your profile backup [say its Firefox] and click Next

5. Now choose the Profile, Save Location and click on Next button

6. Here you will be prompted for password protection. Its your take.

7. Now check the options which you want to take backup for. When selected click Next button. You will get lots of options to backup. general settings, downloaded list, bookmarks, history, saved password, cooking, saved from details, certificates etc.

8. When done. Click OK. And your backing up is finished

To Restore
To restore a profile go to step 3, see the image and click on Restore a profile click Next button and navigate it to the saved profile file to start Restoring. Done.
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