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Layers Tips
  • Press the Shift key while clicking the New Layer button to create a new layer without opening the dialog box.
  • To paste one image into another and have it centered, paste it as a New Layer (Edit/Paste/As a new layer). PSP will automatically place it in the center of your image.
  • Image thumbnails can be dragged from the Browser onto another image as a new layer.
  • You can also drag a layer from one picture into another picture. If the picture you're adding to has multiple layers, either activate the layer just below where you want to add the new layer, or just re-arrange the layers afterwards. With the Layers Palette open, make the picture you're copying from the active image. Click the cursor on its layer button in the palette, then drag the button onto the picture you're copying to.
  • To quickly select multiple objects on an active layer, Select All, then left-click any object on the layer using any Selection Tool. The marquee will shrink to surround the objects.
  • To select just one of multiple items on an active layer, roughly go around it with the Freehand Tool, then click on the object to shrink the marquee. You can now use the Mover Tool to move that object around independantly from the other objects on that layer.
  • MUTED BACKGROUND IMAGE. Create a new layer above the background and Flood Fill it with white or a pale color. Adjust the opacity slider until the background image shows through as desired.
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