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Nothing happens when you try to download updates for Spybot Search & Destroy
 Sometimes one of Spybot's update servers isn't able to send the updates requested. Instead of providing an error message, occasionally Spybot will simply do nothing, and the Update Progress window will be motionless.
 Spybot can check different servers for updates, although it only queries one server at a time. Click the drop-down menu of servers next to Search For Updates and choose a different one, such as Safer Networking #1 (Europe) or See-Cure #2 (Europe).
 Next, click Check For Updates. Click the checkboxes next to any updates that appear with red question marks next to them. Finally, click Download Updates. When all the updates have green check marks next to them, Spybot has been fully updated.
 Occasionally, a server may provide some, but not all, of the latest updates. Repeat the above process with different servers until all of Spybot's files are current.
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