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Where can I obtain a virus killer?
Various virus killers are out there. Here is a, probably incomplete, list of those available.
 *** Killer
 Killer is distributed by Pineapple Software. Who can be reached at:-
Pineapple Software, 352 Green Lane, Ilford, Essex IG3 9JS England. Tel. +44 (208) 599 1476 Fax +44 (208) 598 2343 via email:-sales@pineaple.demon.co.uk support@pineaple.demon.co.uk or virus@pinesoft.demon.co.uk
 Or if you need a German version of the program you can contact Uffenkamp Computer Systeme at:
 Gartenstr. 3, D-32130 Enger. Tel. +49 (5224) 978075 Fax +49 (5224) 978076 via email:- ucsorder@ucs.de or usupport@ucs.de
Early versions (up to 1.26) are PD, but should not be used now as they are ineffective against the new crop of viruses that have subsequently appeared since it's release.
 *** Slayer
Slayer is a freeware virus killer available from Kiwisoft. It can be downloaded from http://www.kiwisoft.co.uk/software/slayer/  It has the advantages over !Killer in that it is free, and also it is very fast.
 *** VZap
This is a shareware product released by Paul Vigay. It can be downloaded from Paul's www site at http://www.vigay.com/software/vzap.html and is updated as and when new viruses are discovered.
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