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How to Optimize PC Memory?
: When there are some applications running simultaneously, they definitely acquire extra memory space which will lead to slow processing of the applications and other programs. Because the applications take up more memory space and reduce the working, the computer system will become slower and slower.

Memory Optimizer is designed to optimize your computer's memory usages and make it work fast by recovering the unused memory of your system. It is a comprehensive and easy-to-use Windows utility to free up physical memory in order to speed up program access, which can easily let system run faster, smoother and more efficiently.

Registry Winner - Memory Optimizer

The simple procedure to optimize memory is as following:

  • Click the Optimize PC icon in the Main interface of Registry Winner.
  • Click the Memory Optimizer icon.
  • Click the Fast Defrag icon to release physical memory in a fast speed without affecting the system speed.
  • Or click the Deep Defrag icon to release the most physical memory.

Fast Defrag can release physical memory in a fast speed without affecting the system speed. After the memory release, the running speed of applications will be improved because the memory has been arranged more scientifically.However, after using the Deep Defrag feature, it can lower the overall performance of the system. Because it causes the running application to re-exchange data between physical memory and virtual memory.

If you are not familiar with computer system, we recommend you to choose Fast Defrag feature to optimize memory.

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