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How to Optimize PC Service?
: What is PC Service?
Computer Service is a kind of application that runs in your pc background and can be divided into three parts "Automatic", "Manual" and "Disabled" according to the startup type. Every service has a specified authority.

Here they are:
"Automatic" services mean those that will be automatically enabled when your system is started or you use the service at the first time.
"Manual" services are those that will not be enabled unless you manually start them up before you load the system.
"Disabled" means those services that can not be automatically or manually enabled.

Actually, as to Auto-run services, some of those are necessarily needed but some others can be blocked up or disabled. Registry Winner will help you easily optimize or restore these services by providing users with Setting Wizard module and making a best decision for you.

Registry Winner - Service Optimizer

How to do
1. Click Optimize PC.
2. Click Service Optimizer.
3. Choose your service module from the 6 modules displayed on the interface. In this way, Registry winner will help you to decide a good optimization according to your pc.
4. Click Optimizer.

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