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How to clean up your PC Junks?
: What is PC Junks?

Regardless of whether you want or not, over time your system will be crawled with unwanted files which may be under the form of empty folders, temporary files or simply junk items left behind upon uninstalling software. As the time of using PC goes by, the hard drive space of computer system will seem to shrink that is caused by un-useful applications, duplicates, junk and obsolete file accumulations. These unwanted files which will decrease PC performance are called PC Junks. So you should find a way to clean up these junks easily and effectively.

How to clean up Junks?

Registry Winner - Junks Cleaner

Open Registry Winner
  • Click the Scan & Clean icon in the Main interface of Registry Winner.
  • Click Junks Cleaner.
  • Choose the directory according to your need in the right.
  1. If you want to scan all the disks, please choose the option of Scan all disks.
  2. If you just want to scan the directions you set, please select Choose Directory and then click the Browser icon. Then choose any directory you want to scan.
  • Select the types of junks files you want to clean up in the left. You can choose one of the three "Default, All, None". Default means these types which are made hooks before them are default, if you know little about pc knowledge, we suggest you choose this. You can also choose All or None. Furthermore, you can choose any junk file by make a hook before it.
  • Click scan now to begin your scan.
  • You will then go to the Results Interface. When it is scanning, you can click Stop to stop scanning, and select Delete All/Delete to delete the junks.
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