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How to Delete Online Evidence Permanently?
: The computer is a device which can record all of your online information. Almost all of your actions are recorded and can be easily retrieved by anyone.

Even though you can delete all the tracks of your PC, someone proficient could easily get them back with a simple file restoration program. If you really want to destroy evidence of your computer activities, you need Registry Winner.

It allows you to erase all footprints, protect your Privacy and enhance your system performance. A third party even yourself can not retrieve the tracks of your program activities.

Registry Winner - Evidence Cleaner

The simple procedure is as following

Step 1: Select Items and Start the Scan

  • Click the Scan & Clean icon in the Main interface of Registry Winner.
  • Click the Evidence Cleaner icon.
  • Select the items to scan.
  • Click the Scan Now button.

Step 2: Stop and Display
To stop the scan and return to the previous step: Click the Stop Scan button.
When the scan is finished, the total files found are displayed including a list of all identified issues.

Step 3: Select and Delete
You can only select one scanned file you want to remove by clicking Delete button.
When you are certain that all the files are those to be cleaned from the list, you can remove them by clicking the Delete All button.

Warning: Deleting some files or pc traces can cause some irreversible damage. You need to proceed cautiously and be certain of what you are doing. It is recommended that you only remove items that you think are unwanted and unused.

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