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I did not Receive My Serial Mumber?
: We are sorry to make you such a trouble! There are two reasons for not receiving the serial number:

Reason 1:
When you click "Order with Credit Card" or "Order with Paypal", you will be directed to ClickBank who sells our products. After completing your payment you should return to the Registry Winner website where you will receive your Serial Number. You should click the "Complete Your Order" link on the ClickBank page to explicitly return our site, however you probably have not press "Complete Your Order", we had no idea of your order information and did not generate the serial number for you.

Reason 2:
Because of some network errors, ClickBank received your money from your credit card, however it didn't notify us in time. Therefore, your order information didn't record on our program.

Please contact us, we will regenerate a serial number for you.

Meanwhile, there are two ways to find your serial numbers.

1: Please log on to http://www.registrywinner.com/login.php, and input the e-mail address when you purchased, you will find your serial number displayed there.

2: Login your email address to check your serial number, because we have sent the serial number to your email box when you finished the order.

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